Support We Provide

Technical Support

If you are in need of technical support please email us at Make sure you provide as much detail regarding the problem you are experiencing as you can and we will return your email as soon as we can.


We're constantly working on making updates to the website. Here you will find a list of major changes and their progress.

Reporting a Site Issue/Bug

Please note that our website is still a Beta release. This means there are bugs or display errors that occur from time to time and we will work them out as we are able to. To report a bug please use our Bugzilla platform (which requires an additional log in and registration).

Support You Provide

Growing for the future

We would like to grow. But growing requires finances - and we simply do not make a lot of money doing this work. If you are in a position to help out with our growth on the d3challenge project we can definitely use it.

How can I help?

Asking for outside help is not something that comes easy to us. We have managed to eke by without additional fundraising in the past despite many times where we thought we would have to. So if you are able to help we greatly appreciate your gift. We would like to keep this website advertising free for as long as possible - especially when it takes many years to recoup the costs to build it into the final product we want it to be.

Right now we are needing financial assistance to pay our outside graphic designer to assist us with a clean, modern website design.



You can also send a check to:
W6041 Sweet William Dr
Appleton, WI 54915